Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections
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SteriCam™ 1.8mm MIC

A new class of advanced small diameter, near field inspection scopes designed to provide ready access to and imaging of the interior chambers, lumens and working channels of medical and surgical devices and endoscopes.

Message from the CEO

Jerry Katzman, MD - Chairman, President & CEO

“SteriView® Technologies are advancing compliance with Infection Control Standards by enabling the direct visual inspection of hard to reach spaces within endoscopes and related medical devices. Healthcare-Associated Infections impact millions of people, worldwide. The SteriView® Infection Control System featuring the SteriCam line of Inspection Cameras represents the next inventive step and comprises a most critical asset in the fight against healthcare-associated, device-related infections, a problem that kills thousands every year, and is estimated to cost $20 to $35 billion in excess healthcare costs and up to $35 billion in lost productivity, annually, in the United States alone.”

-Jerry Katzman, MD - Chairman, President & CEO