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SteriView® Announces 1.8mm Modular Inspection Camera (MIC)

Next Generation Small Diameter, Near Field Inspection Help Prevent Transmission of Infectious Agents to Patients Via Reusable Instruments and Mitigate Unnecessary Hazard for Patients Liability for Health Care Providers.

PETALUMA, Calif., Feb. 12, 2020 /PR NEWSWIRE/ – SteriView® announced today the launch of its SteriCam™ 1.8mm Inspection Camera. SteriCam™ is the next generation of advanced small diameter, near field inspection scopes designed to provide ready access to and imaging of the interior chambers, lumens, and working channels of surgical medical devices. The product will include sterilizable tips.

At 1.8mm, the astonishingly small size of this revolutionary new high-definition inspection camera is perfect for the inspection of surgical devices to safeguard patients who undergo endoscopic procedures.

Jerry Katzman, MD, Chairman, President and CEO of SteriView, Inc. stated, “The new SteriView 1.8mm modular inspection scope with reusable blades camera, is a first in class and best-in-class device to provide confidence in protecting patients from borescope defects, particulate matter, and infection. When used, pre-high level disinfection (HLD) in combination with Dri-scope® for detection of moisture and trapped foci of infection, hospital and physicians can be assured that their instruments can be relied upon for virtually infection-free procedures.”

The need for SteriView Instrument Inspection and Infection Control is immediate and urgent with the expansion of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures. Transmission of infectious agents to patients via reusable instruments is an ongoing and unnecessary hazard for patients and a significant liability for health care providers. The affordable 1.8mm SteriCam inspection camera is a considerable benefit to hospital and surgical center risk management.

Designed and developed in Petaluma, California, the SteriCam™ 1.8 inspection scope is being manufactured in the USA by ADM Tronics (ADMT) of Northvale, New Jersey, a 50-year-old public engineering and innovative, ISO 13485 Certified, manufacturing company. ADMT manufactures medical devices in diverse fields of medicine.

Dri-scope, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tricor Systems with its network of independent distributors is a perfect fit for the distribution of SteriView products.

Interested hospitals and surgical centers may contact Dri-scope at 847-842-5542
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